“Lady Bird” Film Review

“Lady Bird”

Dir; Greta Gerwig.  Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet, Laurie Metcalf.  2017.  R.  Color.  94 min.

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“Lady Bird” is the story of a girl trying to navigate her way through adolescences. Adults always say that this period in life is not important. In reality, high school is the bridge between childhood and being a grownup. This is one of the most important times for all of us. “Lady Bird” is a simple movie. It is insightful, funny, depressing, and inspiring all at once. Just like high school.

Saoirse Ronan plays our titular character, Christine.  She has decided, based on her own merits, to go by Lady Bird. She is entering her senior year at a catholic school in Sacramento. In Lady Bird’s head, her parents come from two different planets. Her mother Marion (an excellent Laurie Metcalf), judges every move she makes. Her father (Tracy Letts, in full contemplative form), just wants the best for Lady Bird. She idolizes her father, and despises her mother. In reality, they both love her in different ways. Just don’t tell Lady Bird that.

Lady Bird meets her first boyfriend in a school play, and he might be gay. The second boy she loves is in a band, and cares little for anything other than himself. Lady Bird tries so hard, but she cannot catch a break when it comes to romance.

At its core, “Lady Bird” is the story of a mother and daughter. A mother who is so afraid to let her little girl go. A daughter who so desperately wants to have her own identity. There is something very genuine to life about this story.

The script is pitch perfect, as it encapsulates teenage life. Our characters say the wrong things constantly. Mother and daughter argue over a dress. Girl and boy have an awkward moment after sex. Best friends love and hate each other. It is not fine tuned like “adult” movies, which only adds to its brilliance. It lives in a world of adolescent behavior, making it more “adult” than so many lesser movies.

Director Greta Gerwig has made a movie based on her life. She avoids being pretentious, and enters the realm of honesty. This film has set a record on “Rotten Tomatoes” for its perfect score. Critics are gushing over it. It is not a classic, but it is really good. Damn good. The high school boys have their “Avengers” or “Transformers”. Guess what guys, “Lady Bird” is smart, and better than those films.

Suck Factor: out of 7 (7 means your movie really SUCKS!)

Written by Byrd

*The Suck Factor! – How it Works

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