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jenny and greg laughing portrait selfie

Hi! We are Jenny and Byrd, welcome to our corner of the internet where we share our projects, movie reviews, pictures of dogs, and random thoughts about life -hence “Just Another Lifestyle Blog.”  Don’t be surprised if almost everything you see here fits into the category “Random.”

We have a combined total of 59 years of life experience.  We don’t think of ourselves as hipsters, but we do have a record player. Jenny comes from New England, Greg {Byrd} comes from New Mexico.  We are currently living together in Albuquerque, with our three dogs: Lily, Kimbo, and Mowgli.  Jenny loves photography and Dunkin’ Donuts, Greg loves green chili and movies. Here in this lifestyle blog, our passions combine, sort of like the Megazord.  (Maybe we are hipsters?)

The Suck Factor! – How it Works

I’ve flipped the switch on the standard rating system for film criticism.  Instead of rating a movie with stars or letters representing how good a film is, I rank films from 0 to 7 to tell you how much a movie SUCKS!  So if the film is a masterpiece, like “The Godfather” for example, then it gets a 0 on my scale, meaning the movie gives 0 SUCKS!  If the movie is absolutely terrible, for instance every Michael Bay film, it scores a 7 so you know to avoid it at all costs.  



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